Hoylake until they were l●ight enough to sail over the flats ■to Liverpool. “The union of Hoy●lake and the

e Point of Air and beyond. “■The Dove Point then

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projected a mile and thr■ee-quarters from the shore, separati
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Rock Channel formed, as at presen■t, the principal passage to sea, call

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ed th●e Horse Channel, then138 a fair open●ing with three to seven fathoms, but consider■ably to the eastward of the present chann●el of that name; for Co

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llins’s sailing mar●k through it was Mockbeggar Hall upo

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n t■he Banquetting-House in Bidston, would mark t■he present Spenc

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er’s Gut as hav■ing been the channel. The north spit d■id not then ex

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ist, or rather was part of the Ho●yle bank; and the Beggar’s Patch see■ms to have been the extremity

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of Dove P●oint. The Formby Channel was ●said to ha

between ●which and Bur

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bo Sand there was onl●y one q

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uarter fathom, and betwe

駐e the Survey of Mackenzie, who w■as employed by the Admiralty to make charts■ of the western coasts of Brit●ain, which are still in h

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igh r●eputation. “At this time■ Hoylake continued to be a goo?/p>

en Dove Point a■n

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馾 roadstead, though greatly altered; th●e depth at entra

d Burbo only t

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nce was only two fathoms, eig■ht fathoms in the middle, t

wo fathoms. ●

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he width only t■hree furlongs, and its length had ●dimin

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ished at least a mile. A passage ■was opened from t